Dr. Olajide Williams
Associate Director of the Department of Neurology and Assistant Professor of Neurology — Columbia University, Director of the Stroke Center — Harlem Hospital

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GE is taking a hard look at healthcare disparity, the gap that exists in access and quality of standard care for minority groups. Dr. Olajide Williams is one of the industry leaders who joins GE at its annual Healthcare Disparity Roundtable to facilitate best practice sharing and discuss solutions for bridging that gap. Dr. William’s experience and ongoing research in this subject matter — including understanding community dynamics and engaging stakeholders who can contribute to solutions — lends valuable insight.

In his audio perspective — also a part of this site’s Bridging the Gaps in Healthcare Access feature — Dr. Williams shares his thoughts on how corporations like GE can use community knowledge to fight healthcare disparity in the areas touched by their work.


On Overcoming Healthcare Disparity