Developing Health Globally™ is a GE citizenship program that aims to improve access to quality healthcare for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations. The program expanded to Cambodia in October 2009 with the commissioning of three hospital upgrade projects in the Phnom Penh area.


See how Developing Health Globally has already improved the quality of care at three hospitals in Cambodia.

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The hospital upgrade projects in Cambodia aim to provide service and infrastructure improvements to three hospitals: Kossamak National Hospital, Kampong Speu Referral Hospital and Phnom Penh Municipal Referral Hospital, which together treat thousands of patients in the city of Phnom Penh and its surrounding villages. The results, so far, have been very encouraging. In the early weeks after the program’s launch, over 100 newborn babies and their mothers had already benefited from new healthcare equipment and improvements to the facilities’ power and water infrastructure.

GE Employee Ambassadors Bridge The Gap

Each hospital site was assigned its own employee ambassador from the Asia Pacific American Forum, GE’s Asian-American employee networking association, whose role is to work with Cambodia’s Ministry of Health and hospital staff to ensure that best practices are shared, services are monitored, capacity is built and that all these improvements are sustainable long term.

Listen to audio clips recorded by the employee ambassadors on-site in Cambodia as their upgrade projects are underway.


“We can really see how this equipment is making a difference.”

Katy Choo, Ambassador for Kossamak

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“Cambodia is a country that’s really dedicated to improving the livelihood of its citizens.”

Kitty Yoh, Ambassador for Phnom Penh Municipal Referral Hospital

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“I’m in Cambodia this week to meet hospital staff…and to foster a go-forward relationship.”

Thomas Ng, Ambassador for Kampong Speu Referral Hospital

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More About Developing Health Globally

Developing Health Globally(DHG) allows GE to combine our innovative products, expertise and employee engagement to offer sustainable “enterprise solutions” to address some of the critical gaps that exist in developing-world healthcare facilities.

DHG started in 2004 as a five-year, $20 million program with the goal to improve rural healthcare systems in Africa. Since then, it has grown into a $40 million, six year commitment. In 2007, the program entered Latin America with locations in Honduras. In 2008, DHG launched in Asia with projects in Indonesia, followed by Cambodia in 2009.

DHG is aligned with GE’s healthymagination initiative, which is changing the way GE approaches healthcare by focusing on addressing three critical needs: lowering costs, touching more lives and improving quality. It is also aligned with the GE Foundation Developing Health program, which provides grants and employee engagement to non-profit health clinics in the United States.